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Need to replace your water main? Basement Technologies can install a new water line connecting to the municipal service and going into your home to increase the pressure, replace damaged pipes or to eliminate old lead pipes.

Water Main Replacement Service Icon Water Main Replacement:

Replacing your home’s water main line can be very beneficial to helping the flow of water coming into your house. If the flow is blocked or the pipe is broken, you need professionals who fully understand the repair and replacement process.

The Right Contractor, for the Right Service!
Be careful of contractors who claim to licensed and experienced at replacing main water lines. This service REQUIRES a water line replacement permit, inspection and approval. Basement Technologies® holds both a Master Drain Repair License and Master Building Repair License. We have performed hundreds of water main line replacements over the past 20 years.

Water Main Install Service Process:

Water Department Water Line Inspection:
You have to have the water department come into the home to assess the size of your main and determine whether it is made of copper or lead This has to be done prior to pulling a permit.

Call: 905-546-4426 for your “Check Size” and “Type inspection” of your water service.

Submit Loan Application (Hamilton Residence):
The city of Hamilton has a loan funding assistance program in place for homeowners in order to have their lead pipes replacement right away to prevent further health risks. Hamilton Lead Program

Learn more information about Hamilton’s Lead Pipe Service Replacement Program >

Water Line Permit Application:
A water line replacement permit must be applied for prior to commencing any work on the water main line. Our office staff has been trained on how to pull permits with speed, accuracy and ease. We will pull the Water Line Permit on your behalf.

It’s necessary to “locate” the existing water main line. This is accomplished through a non-profit service through “Ontario One Call”. Our office staff will fill out the Locates application to initiate the process in a timely fashion. Officials will come out with instruments and Local Surveys in order to determine the exact location of the Water Main Line. Once located, a florescent paint is sprayed to mark the location of the water line. This will show our crew where to begin the excavation process. Locates also help to map out any other obstructions in the way including, but not limited to: gas lines, phone lines and cable lines.

Excavation Begins:
Bobcat Excavator: The initial phase of the project starts with the excavation of the existing water main line. If there is room for access, we will excavate the site using our Bobcat excavator to perform this task in a timely fashion. Plywood sheets will be placed around the perimeter of the excavation site in order to protect the area and for placing the soil removed from the pit.

Hand Dig: In some cases due to landscaping or obstructions, we are required to excavate the site by hand. Some projects don’t have the room for the excavator, or when dealing with gas lines or digging around the water line city connection, we have no option but to remove the soil carefully by hand.

Water Shut Off:
The water coming into the residence must be shut off to complete the work needed. Our office will coordinate with the Local Water Department to have the water shut off right before excavation begins. You and any other residents of your home will be notified by phone and in person prior to the water shutting off so you can make any necessary preparations.

Replacement of Water Line:
Now that the main water line is fully exposed, our skilled technicians will go ahead and remove the old water line in order to upgrade it to a newer line. This process takes about a day or so to complete. All connections are made and tested.

Water Turned Back On:
Once we replace the existing main water line with a new installation, we are required to have our work inspected in order for the local Water Department to have the water turned back on. An official will visit the site, inspect the lines for any leaks and once approved the water will be turned back on. In most cases the household will not be without water for longer than one day.

Backfilling & Site Cleanup:
Now that we’ve got the inspection completed, our crew will immediately start the backfilling process. This is completed either by hand or by our excavator depending on the requirements of the project. Any excess rubble, stone, or other debris will be removed from the site. As the crew is hard at work cleaning up the jobsite, our crew leader will go around with you to inspect our work and to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

Water Main Install Warranty »

  • 5-Year - Basement Technologies® Workmanship Warranty

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 Requires a Building Permit



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Very fast services. More than what I expected.

RATING 10/10 ~ Mr. & Mrs. Dick (Dundas, ON)

John was on time, professional and honest. Quick, painless and professional job.

RATING 10/10 ~ Mr. Smith (Burlington, ON)



Water Main Install Warranty


In-Home Water Main Install Estimate
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