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Support posts in your basement are crucial to the structural integrity of your home. If they have been compromised, don't wait until it's too late to have them replaced and to make your home safe. Basement Technologies® has years of experience replacing support posts.

Support Post Replacement Service Icon Load Bearing Wall Repairs:

The structure of your home is as important as waterproofing your foundation walls to prevent disasters from happening. Structural support posts help to disperse the weight bearing down on them and support the internal structure of your home.

There are Four Types of Support Posts:

  • Wood Pillars:
    Wood pillars haven't been used for 100's of years but can still exist in very old homes or even older barns. Wood will break down or rot over time and depending on the type of wood, should be replaced to prevent a potential collapse.

  • Brick Pillars:
    Brick pillars are the most common support posts found within older homes and over time can crack, lose their strength, crumble and even fall apart. Basement Technologies® can add temporary support posts in order to replace your existing brick pillar to an updated steel beam.

  • Concrete Pillars:
    Although concrete pillars are more typically used in commercial applications, it's not entirely uncommon to have concrete pillars within your home. Over time, concrete will deteriorate, crack and lose its strength.

  • Steel Re-enforced Support Posts:
    Steel posts are commonly used now because steel is very strong and doesn't take up as much space as older methods for supporting internal walls. Steel posts are also relatively easy to install.

Internal Structural Sagging:

Over time, older support posts can lose their strength and each wall supported by the your structural beams below can begin to sag providing noticeable signs of internal structural damage, such as wall cracks, floor splitting, door frame shifting and doors that won’t close. When you see these warning signs it is important to deal with the problem before it becomes a structural nightmare and your home is deemed unsafe to live in.

Basement Technologies® can replace your old support posts and raise your internal structural beams to correct the problems noted above and to restore the structural integrity of your home.

Support Post Replacement Service Process:

Engineered Drawing & Building Permit:
Your local municipal government issues building permits and provides inspection services to ensure that the work is done safely and the structure of your home is maintained while support posts are replaced. Basement Technologies® works closely with local building departments throughout the entire process and will pull a permit to make sure that our job is done correctly. An engineered drawing may be necessary to acquire the permit, depending on the severity of your structural damage.

Temporary Support Post Installation:
Before your old support posts are removed, we will add additional temporary support posts in order to brace the existing structure. This is a crucial step to ensure there's no additional sagging during the process.

Old Support Post Removal:
Basement Technologies® will remove your old support posts to make way for the installation of the new support posts.

Site Cleanup & Rubble Removal:
Once your support post is broken down, we will remove any unwanted rubble or extra materials from your home and safely dispose of the materials for you.

Support Post Replacement:
Now we can go ahead and start replacing your old posts with newer steel support posts at the exact locations needed to maintain internal structural integrity. If needed, we will also help to raise your internal structure which has sagged due to previous damage.

Job Completion:
Once all support posts are replaced, Basement Technologies® will then remove any temporary support posts and have a building inspector come in to inspect our work and to inspect the integrity of your home. Once approved, our job is complete.

Support Post Replacement Warranty »

  • 5-Year - Workmanship Warranty

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 Requires a Building Permit & Architectual Drawing



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