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Repair your cracked concrete foundation with an epoxy-based crack injection by our highly trained crack injection specialists.

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Poured concrete is the only type of foundation that can be repaired by this method and most poured concrete basements can be repaired quickly and inexpensively using injection.

Concrete foundation cracks are almost always visible "fractures" that tend to go from floor to ceiling and from the inside right through to the outside. Cracks often originate from a point of weakness such as the corner of a window, a beam pocket, a utility penetration or from the cut-out of a door sill. Occasionally cracks will form horizontally...this is more serious and indicates a structural failure.

Concrete Crack Injection

Crack Injection Service Images:

Concrete Crack Injection Service Process:

A concrete crack injection is by far the least intrusive and most effective method to repair a poured concrete foundation crack unless there are expensive basement finishing’s in the way of the area needing repair. The epoxy injected into the crack actually repairs the crack by creating a structural weld within the concrete that restores the foundation wall back into a monolithic also waterproofs the crack of course!

Crack is Exposed:
First the crack is exposed, wire brushed to remove any debris for better bonding and then cleaned with compressed air.

Surface Ports are Bonded:
Surface ports are bonded to the wall over the crack using epoxy thixotropic paste. NO DRILLING FOR THIS PROCEDURE!

Crack Surface is Covered:
The entire crack surface is covered with epoxy thixotropic paste, creating an inside dam to contain the liquid epoxy during injection.

Injection Begins after Hardening:
Once the epoxy thixotropic paste has hardened, the injection phase begins by injecting a 2 part low or mid viscosity epoxy (depending on the size of the crack) through the surface ports and into the actual body of the crack.

We usually inject from the bottom to the top. Since the dispersion of a liquid in a confined space is omni directional, we know that when the epoxy begins to flow from the next port up, that the entire crack below that point is filled, through to the exterior, and we can begin injecting the second port up from the floor.

Injection from Port to Port:
Injection is continued from port to port from bottom to top. Crack injection is complete when the epoxy begins to flow from the top of the crack.

Carbon Fibre Stabilization Staples:
The most effective way to repair a crack is by injecting the crack from the inside with an Epoxy based solution, while also stabilizing the foundation crack by installing Carbon Fibre Staples.

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Concrete Crack Injection Warranty »

  • 20-Year Basement Technologies® no leak warranty
  • Full transferable warranty
  • Guaranteed not to leak

Extra Info for Crack Injections:

Crack must not be actively leaking at the time of injection. Previous attempts at repair can complicate the repair. For example, if the crack has been gummed up with expanding foam, hydraulic cement or caulk, it may be necessary to do more prep work to open up the crack and remove the obstructing material.

A crack can be injected with polyurethane for less money or if the crack never stops flowing and is constantly wet. The problem with polyurethane in a small, hairline crack is that when polyurethane activates, it creates air bubbles. In fact, most polyurethane expands to over 10 times its original size. So, when a hairline crack is injected with polyurethane, the net result is a lot of air bubbles and a small amount of polyurethane which may be fine for a large crack or rod hole, but not for a standard foundation crack. 450 ml of Epoxy, when injected into a wall, is still 450 ml of Epoxy after it cures.

A crack can be excavated from the exterior and patched if it cannot be injected or if exposing the crack on the inside is cost prohibitive.

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