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The City of Hamilton Building Division and Halton Region encourage homeowners to disconnect all downspouts to help alleviate flooding.

Downspout Disconnection Service Icon Protecting Foundations from Damage:

Downspouts are utilized to drain rain water collected by a home’s eavestroughs. In the past, it was customary to connect downspouts below the ground to a house’s weeping tile system in order to prevent water build-up on the ground. However, this has proven to speed the deterioration of basement foundation walls as well as put undue pressure on the municipal sanitary sewers.

Downspouts Should Be Redirected Away:

Many City Building Departments are now providing subsidies for homeowners who wish to re-connect their downspouts to direct water away from their foundation walls. This is key to preventing further damage to your foundations as well as to reducing the risk of sewage backing up into homes when the sanitary sewer system is overloaded.

Local Government Subsidy Programs:

Hamilton - 3P Program (Protective Plumbing):
Get up to $2,000.00 in government subsidy for essential protective plumbing service installs within the Greater Hamilton Area. Some of this subsidy is for disconnecting downspouts.



Halton Region - Flood Prevention Program:
Get up to $2,725.00 in government subsidy for essential sanitary sewer system service installs within the Halton Region. Some of this subsidy is for disconnecting downspouts.

Downspout Disconnect & Water Prevention:

Remove Water Build-Up:
Disconnect downspouts to help prevent water build-up around your foundation walls.

Slopping Landscape Away:
Many homes have landscapes that slope towards the house. This style of landscape will cause rain water to flow toward the house and then to penetrate a home’s foundation. Water can be directed away from the house by sloping earth around the foundation or by creating a small path that leads water away from the foundation walls.

Weeping Tile Flushing:
Many older homes have clay weeping tile at the base of the basement footing which was used to drain water away from the foundation. Clay pipes over time tend to crack, break and fill up with dirt. Weeping tile that is not protected can clog over time. Having your weeping tile flushed can help to prevent water build-up at the foundation wall.

Clay Tile Replacement:
As mentioned from above, clay tiles used in older home have a tendency to crack and break. For many homeowners, it's a wise decision to have someone replace their old clay tile with a newer weeping tile system that includes a sock protection layer, 3/4 clear gravel and landscape cloth over the gravel.

Foundation Waterproofing:
The most obvious way to prevent water from penetrating a home is by waterproofing the entire perimeter of the basement foundation to prevent the kind of damage that water can do to your basement and its furnishings. Basements will all leak eventually and failure to waterproof can cause property damage as well as health risks such as mould and mildew.

Basement Technologies® is highly qualified to perform all of the water prevention methods mentioned within this section. Our expert technical staff and work crews have extensive experience and will help you determine the best way to protect your home and family. Our team members all work together to ensure each one of our clients is fully satisfied and protected.

Downspout Disconnect Warranty »

  • 5-Year - Workmanship Warranty

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Downspout Disconnect Warranty


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