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Some cracks in foundations need to be repaired from the exterior. Our exterior crack repair services ensure that the foundation leak is stopped from the outside, preventing further water intrusion.

Exterior Crack Repair Services Exterior Crack Repair:

When cracks can't be injected from the inside, or if removing the wall finishing's would be cost prohibitive, or if you simply wish the crack to be waterproofed from the outside, an exterior crack repair is performed. We include redundancy in our procedure, providing a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line of defense to ensure your crack never leaks again.

Exterior Crack Repair

Crack Injection Service Images:

Exterior Crack Repair Service Process:

Crack is Excavated and Prepared:
The entire crack is excavated from the outside, typically by hand. The cracked location is then wire brushed and filled with Bentonite. A weeping tile test may be performed depending on whether or not the home has a weeping system installed.

Waterproof Rubber Membrane Installed:
Bentonite is covered with a rubber waterproof membrane (usually BlueSkin®) which helps to waterproof the foundation providing an air-tight layer between the foundation and any penetrating water.

Dimpled Air-Gap Membrane Installed:
Providing weeping tile is functional, we then install a dimpled sheet air-gap membrane over top of the rubber membrane as additional waterproofing as well as to provide a hydrostatic pressure relief.

Gravel and Backfill Completed:
A gravel drainage layer is provided at the base of the excavation site. The excavated area is backfilled with the earth originally removed and it is mounded to allow for natural settling.

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Have had work done by BT in the past & was happy with it.

RATING 9/10 ~ Ms. Esp (Burlington, ON)

John Hunter made us feel comfortable and confident in having Basement Technologies perform repairs for us. In spite of his thoroughness we later found the second hole repair proposed to correspond to a more serious crack.

RATING 9.5/10 ~ Mr. McGibbon (Hamilton, ON)




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or CALL: 905-527-3325 for your FREE ESTIMATE.


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