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Browse through our extensive crack repair galleries. Exterior crack repair images showing: excavations, dimple air-gap membrane, blueskin rubber, and other materials utilized for exterior crack repair systems.

Image Gallery #1 - Exterior Crack Repair:
This set of images portrays our exterior crack repair process from start to finish. For more information about our exterior crack repair services, click here ».

Image Gallery #2:
Here we illustrate yet another method to repairing a home's crack from the exterior. This method is rarely used. As you can see, the homeowner previously tried to add cement over the crack to keep water from coming in, cement alone can never stop water from leaking into the basement.

Image Gallery #3:
This image gallery shows how cracked foundations can easily be waterproofed utilizing our regular exterior waterproofing methods. Many exterior doorways are susceptible to penetrating water from below.


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They worked so hard, cleaned up and they were very pleasant. The work they did was on the hottest days and they kept at it. All excellent service. I will recommend your company to many others. Thank you.

RATING 10/10 ~ Mrs. Palmer (Dundas, ON)

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