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Browse through our extensive backwater valve installation galleries. Backwater valve images showing: concrete breakouts, native soil removal, mainline fullport backwater valves, and other materials utilized for backwater valve systems.

Image Gallery #1 - Backwater Valve & Sump Pump:
The Ontario Building Code ( now requires residential homes to be protected from: sewage backup, and flooding through the installation of a Mainline - Backwater Valve. Basement Technologies® is fully qualified, certified, and licensed to install a Backwater Valve to protect your home from mother nature.

Image Gallery #2:
Professional Mainline Fullport - Backwater Valve installation.

Image Gallery #3:
This backwater valve installation shows how some installations can become complicated. Water & sewage water fills the pit dug by the BT crew. Also, a water line is directly in the path of the backwater valve installation. The expert staff at BT know how to fix these problems that have been burried in concrete since your house was built.

Image Gallery #4:
When dealing with drain repairs, you never know what you might encouter while digging up your existing drain. As you can see in the 3rd image of this gallery set, the BT crew encountered a Y-T-drain nightmare. Our crews are properly trained to understand how to correct any drainage systems which were installed when the house was built.


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