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Browse through our interior waterproofing galleries. Basement waterproofing images showing: internal breakouts, weeping tile, dimple sheet membrane, leakbye bond break, sump pumps, concrete re-pour, and other materials utilized for interior de-watering systems.

Image Gallery - Interior De-Watering:
Is there limited or no access to dig on the exterior of your home? BT's Interior De-watering systems are a cost-effective solution to excavating on the outside. The most effective interior waterproofing system should always include the very important addition of our sump pump & battery backup solutions. With this, your BT warranty increases dramatically as does your home’s protection!

Image Gallery #2:

Image Gallery #3 - Older Systems:

This unique set of images illustrates some older systems utilizing different style drainage-tracks, dimple air-gap membranes and so on. Building codes are ever evolding, so too are our interior de-watering systems to match Building Code, and local Government requirements.

Image Gallery #4:

Image Gallery #5:

Image Gallery #6:

Image Gallery #7:

Image Gallery #8:

Image Gallery #9:


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I literally had every waterproofing company around to my house. Danny was the only one to take the time to properly explain things. Excellent crew. The guys were so nice.

RATING 10/10 ~ Ms. Niklas (Burlington, ON)

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