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Halton - Basement Flood Prevention Program

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Learn about the Halton Region - Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program to obtain rebates on the following services: Backwater Valves, Sump Pumps, and Downspout Disconnections.

Halton Region - Flood Prevention Program

Halton Region
Flood Prevention Program:

Halton homeowners are currently eligible to receive a subsidy of up to $2,750 from the Halton Region Water and Waste Management Department for the installation of protective plumbing services. Basement Technologies® can apply for the necessary permit, has the licenses required to perform the work and will lead you through all the steps to make it as simple as possible and to ensure you receive the full rebate due to you. Below is the step-by-step process on how to start the process and complete the paperwork.

Halton Region states that this program could end at any time. If you are considering protecting your home from sewer backup it is recommended you proceed as soon as possible.

Rebates Include:

The Halton Region's Residential Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program gives up to $2,725.00 in rebates for these main flood prevention services.

STEP 1) Fill Out the Application:

Before you can submit your information for rebates, you are required to fill out the Halton Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program - Application Form. Below we've provided links to "SAMPLE" forms in order to help you with this process, along with the actual application form.


STEP 2) Apply for a Permit:

A building permit for this type of work is mandatory. We here at Basement Technologies® are commited to helping you with this process. After hiring our company, we will take care of the entire permit process for you! Our years of experience dealing with building permits helps to take the stress off your shoulders.

Still Want to Apply on your Own?

Contact Us right away to have your free in-home estimate, or CALL: 905-527-3325 today to book an appointment. We will take care of everything for you!