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BT Review: Exterior waterproofing and sump pump installation. in Burlington, Ontario

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CLIENT: Hillier
LOCATION: Burlington, Ontario
PROJECT: Exterior waterproofing and sump pump installation.

Sales Review: Ed

We were very happy dealing with Ed, but we were disappointed that he never followed through with the promise of his team to lay the concrete slab at the front door (once the big job was complete). We would have appreciated even a returned call about it if he changed his mind.


Office Review:

Kristen was very good to deal with, but again as I mentioned above, once paid for the big job my two calls regarding the concrete slab being laid at the front door were not returned. It was disappointing after we had been so pleased with everything else. All questions had been answered and concerns regarding the smell were addressed. (eg. Kristen brought charcoal in buckets!)


Crew Review: LC/PJ

The daily clean up was excellent (while the job was being done) but at the very end Greg did spend quite a bit of time cleaning up in the basement. Over all the team was excellent to have at our home.

Crew leader called to give you an estimated time of arrival

Crew leader introduced himself immediately upon arrival

Crew leader reviewed the work to be done with you

Crew addressed all of your concerns or referred to the office

Crew managed his crew competently and with professionalism

Crew members began to work immediately upon arrival

Crew Reasonable steps were taken to minimize dust and property damage

Crew members used appropriate language

Length and frequency of breaks were appropriate

Crew members excersized appropriate job site safety and site maintenance

Reasonable care was taken to keep site clean, neat and dity

All cigarette butts and other garbage was disposed of appropriately

All crew members were kind and courteous

All work was completed in a timely fashion

Quality of workmanship was excellent

Cleanup after job completion was excellent

Appearance of crew members was acceptable

Project Info:

We are very happy with the job that was done and believe all involved were knowledgeable, polite, skilled and cared about quality. Thanks

Excellent value and quality. Exactly what I expected.

Project was acceptable. More or less what I expected.

Project was NOT what I expected.


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Once the problem was detected, the crew leader explained exactly what the procedure was and what the outcome could or would be.

RATING 9.5/10 ~ Mr. & Mrs. Kislinsky (Hamilton, ON)

Terrific. Terrific Crew.

RATING 10/10 ~ Mr. Curtin (Oakville, ON)

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