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Cetco - Bentoseal® Product Info

Cetco - Bentoseal® - Bentonite Product Information

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Learn about Cetco - Bentoseal® - Bentonite Exterior Crack Repair Product for basement foundation repair services offered through Basement Technologies®. Information and logos provided within this section are subject to copyright/trademark of said companies.

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Bentoseal® - Bentonite Exterior Crack Repair


  • Trowel-grade, sodium bentonite / butyl-rubber
  • BENTOSEAL® swells upon contact with water to seal against water intrusion
  • Easy to apply and bonds to most substrate materials
  • Fillet material at horizontal and vertical inside corners
  • Flashing material around drains, mechanical and electrical penetrations, curbs and parapets
  • Sealing material at waterproofing terminations below-ground
  • Repair material for small concrete substrate surface defects prior to waterproofing membrane installation
  • BENTOSEAL® is formulated for use on structural concrete, masonry, and most metal surfaces

Cetco - Company Info

  • Company: Cetco
  • Address: 2870 Forbs Avenue, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
  • Contact: 1-800-527-9948
  • Website:

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