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Backwater valves prevent sewage from backing up into your home from the municipal sanitary sewer system.

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Backwater valves are one of the newest preventative plumbing systems on the market. A backwater valve normally remains open to drain sewage from your home, but if sewage begins moving in the opposite direction, i.e. when there is a sewage backup in the municipal sewage system, a flap in the backwater valve pops up to stop the backflow and prevent sewage from entering your home. Don't wait until your home is flooded with sewage from the municipality's main line!!!

Local Government Subsidy Programs:



Halton Region - Flood Prevention Program:
Get up to $8,175.00 in government subsidies for essential sanitary sewer system service installs within the Halton Region.

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Backwater Valve Install Service Process:

Permit is Pulled:
In many cities within Southern Ontario, it is required to pull a permit for the installation of backwater valves. Basement Technologies® will always pull a permit, when required, in order to ensure that the home owner is protected and our work is inspected every step of the way.

House Drain is Located:
In order to install a backwater valve, we first have to locate where your main drain line exits from your home. This can be accomplished a couple of ways:

  • If we are already installing an internal waterproofing system, your concrete is broken up and excavated at the foundation footing which makes it easy for us to determine where your main drain line exits.

  • A small portion of your basement concrete floor is jack hammered at the front of your house, which in most cases is the location of your drain line. If the clean-out is visible it allows us to readily pinpoint the location. On average, only 5 feet of concrete is broken to be able to locate your drain line.

  • Basement Technologies® is equipped with a drain video unit. We will send out our drain video specialists to inspect and to record all of your downstream and upstream drainage systems. This video is crucial for determining the best location possible to install any necessary sewage prevention systems.

Concrete Broken and Excavated:
The top layer of your basement concrete floor is broken with a jackhammer and your main house drain is exposed using shovels and picks. Your main drain is usually located 2 feet from your concrete floor, a hole the size of 2 ft. X 2 ft. wide will be needed to perform this task. All extra dirt and rubble will be removed if necessary.

Existing Drain Removed:
Some of your existing drain line will be removed to ensure appropriate space is given for your backwater valve and house trap installation. Depending on how old your home is, your main drain line could be made of red clay or PVC piping. If your drain line is made of red clay, a rubber transition piece will be added to both ends in order to install the new PVC pipe.

Backwater Valve and P-Trap Installation:
Now that our work space is excavated and a portion of your main drain line is removed, we can now begin to install your backwater valve along with your new p-trap. A p-trap prevents toxic and odorous gasses from coming into your home.

Home Inspection Performed:
After the installation of your backwater valve and house trap, we will contact your local building department to have an inspector come in and inspect our work. The inspection is coordinated to come right after our work is completed in order to prevent wasted time.

Drain Line Testing (Optional):
Before re-pouring concrete over our work, a main drain line test is performed using a powerful pressure washer to flush the system and ensure that your drain line is not plugged at any point.

Concrete Re-Poured and Job Cleaning:
Once the building inspector has approved our work and once your drain has been properly flushed, we will then re-pour concrete over our work. All rubble and left over dirt will be removed from your home and disposed of by Basement Technologies. There is no need to order a garbage bin, we do all the disposal for you at no extra charge.

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 Requires a Building Permit



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