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Prevent sewage backup in your home in the Hamilton and Burlington areas through the installation of Backwater Valves and Sump Pump systems.

Sewage Backup Service Icon Stop Sewage from Flooding:

The function of your drain system is to be remove sewage from your home while preventing sewage from backing up into your basement from the municipal sanitary sewer system. A backwater valve has a unique valve that opens up when the flow of sewage is coming from your home and then closes tightly when sewage is reversed and is trying to get back into your basement.

A backwater valve prevents sewage from seeping in and potentially destroying your finished basement and your furnishings. Many home owners have lost tens of thousands of dollars in expensive basement renovations and personal possessions. Don't wait until this happens to your family or business.

Local Government Subsidy Programs:



Halton Region - Flood Prevention Program:
Get up to $2,725.00 in government subsidy for essential sanitary sewer system service installs within the Halton Region.

Sewage Backup Service Process:

Home Assessment:
The first line of defense is to have your home's drains and de-watering systems inspected through our in-home assessment. This will help you to better understand your home's sewage backup needs and what will be required to prevent any future floods.

Drain Video Performed:
Basement Technologies® is equipped with a drain video unit. We will send out our drain video specialists to inspect and to record all of your downstream and upstream drainage systems. This video is crucial to evaluate the status of your drain system and for determining the best location possible to install any necessary sewage prevention systems.

Backwater Valve Installation:
Sewage coming up from the city’s main sewage line is usually the #1 reason a home is flooded with sewage. Installing a Mainline Fullport Backwater Valve and/or a Mainline Adapt-a-Valve is the first step to sewage backup prevention.

Sewer Line Replacement, Lining or Repair:
Your sanitary sewer line may be compromised due to tree roots intruding or breaking the pipes. The drain video will identify any problems, including those that may be on the Municipal Utility's side in which case they will be responsible for the repair or replacement.

Weeping Tile Disconnect:
Your home's weeping tiles are most likely connected to the main downstream sewage pipe exiting the home. Local city departments require that homeowner's disconnect their weeping tile systems from such drainage pipes. We will excavate the site of the connection, either inside the house or outside, and re-route the weeping tile to a sump pump or other source of drainage.

Downspout Disconnection:
In the past, contractors would route a home's downspout into the weeping tiles which then feed to the internal drain system and in turn to the municipal sanitary sewer system. In recent years this excess rain water has overloaded the sanitary sewer systems during heavy rain falls and caused sewage backup into homes. Basement Technologies® will disconnect your downspouts and re-route them away from the home's foundation to fix this problem.

Sump Pump Installation:
In order to re-route drainage systems outside and away from your home a Sump Pump & Battery Backup system will be installed in your basement. This is a crucial step to ensuring that any unwanted rain water, high rising water or other backup is pumped out and away from your home. This will help to protect the home from future floods, sewage backups, or rising water under the foundation. It will also protect your foundation walls from further water damage.

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