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Internal De-Watering Systems: The most important part of any internal or external waterproofing system is drainage. A sump pump ensures water collected is drained properly and it greatly increases the length of the warranty we can offer.

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The most important part of any internal waterproofing or external waterproofing system is drainage. A sump pump is designed to discharge the drained water out of your house.

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The sump system includes a quality sump pump and sump liner. We favour simple, durable, uncluttered liners for our installations. We also have discreet, almost invisible, discharge options available.

Our liners are fully perforated to admit ground water or "selectively perforated" for sand and high water table applications. Bolt down lids are fully sealed that sit flat, flush with the floor and can hold up to 200lbs (90kg). Most of our units also come with a high water level alarm and are "battery backup ready".

Sump Pump Install Service Images:

Sump Pump Install Service Process:

Concrete is Removed to Expose Footing Wall Joint:
The concrete is broken out in the area of the sump pump install. Jackhammers are used and some dust is expected. For people increased sensitivities to dust, we have negative air machines available to move the dusty air directly out of the house.

Sump Pit Excavated:
A pit is excavated approximately 28"deep and 24" wide to accommodate the sump pump liner. In silty pits we also wrap the liner in filter fabric as an extra line of defense from soupy silt that can clog the pump intake.

Sump Pump Liner Installation:
The sump pump liner is installed and packed with gravel to prevent silt from getting into the liner through the perforations or any pipe penetrations. Our standard liner is perforated to admit ground water. We also have non-perforated, fully air tight liners for high water table applications and/or radon gas re-mediation. We do not subscribe to the "one size fits all" theory of sump pump liners. This is the most important part of your system and it must be done correctly if it is to last a lifetime.

Sump Pump Installation:
Sump pump is installed on the bottom of the liner. Our standard sump pump is a Liberty ΒΌ HP with a vertical float. We favor vertical floats to "wide angle" floats because in our experience the wide angle floats tend to get caught up on the equipment in the liner.

Discharge Pipe Installed:
A discharge pipe is installed through to the exterior of your home. We run all 1.5" rigid ABS or PVC pipe for our discharges. Thin plastic corrugated hoses are cheap and easy to install but they are not nearly as durable. It is more work to use rigid pipe but the quality is far superior.

Concrete is Re-Poured:
When we install an internal dewatering system, we also install gravel and/or a drain track on top of the footing to improve drainage. The concrete is then re-poured and troweled smooth to match the existing floor.

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Sump Pump Install Requires a Building Permit



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