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Mainline Backflow Valve Warranty

Mainline Fullport Backwater Valve Warranty

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Mainline Fullport Backwater Valve Warranty & Product information - Backwater Valve Installation. Information and logos provided within this section are subject to copyright/trademark of said companies.

Manufacturer Products

Mainline Warranty

Fullport Backwater Valve


  • Automatic sewer backup protection for the life of the home
  • Gate closes automatically when sewer starts to backup
  • Clear Top for easy visual inspection
  • Fullport (Normally-open) Non-Flow Restricting
  • No problems with blockages
  • Cleaning-rod does not destroy the gate when feeding or retrieving cable
  • Normally-open design allows the free circulation of air throughout the plumbing system to the municipal sewer
  • Built-in sewer clean-out for the home
  • Award-winning technology


  • Over 250,000 homes are protected from backflow with Mainline Valves.
  • Mainline valves are the preferred choice of professional plumbers and home builders.
  • Many municipalities across North America recommend that this valve be used in their jurisdictions for sewer backup protection.
  • The “normally open” design allows cleaning tools to pass through the body without getting hooked on the gate when feeding or retrieving the cable. (This prevents the gate from being destroyed.)

Manufacturer Limited Warranty:
1-YEAR manufacturer limited warranty againts defects of the Mainline product line. Please consult your local distributor for warranty details.

Adapt-A-Valve Backwater Valve


  • Eliminates Manhole or Expensive Vaults
  • Allows easy ground level access at any depths
  • Removable seat and gate (Cassette) allows full servicing of unit
  • Reflective sticker in body serves as guide for ease of cassette insertion
  • Cassette locks in body
  • Lightest gate in the industry offers next-to-no-flow-restriction
  • Double-hinge gate design keeps gate aligned to seat
  • O-ring seal
  • For SDR Pipe use SDR adapters
Mainline - Adapt-A-Valve Backwater Valve


Mainline Backflow Products - Company Info

  • Company: Mainline Backflow Products, Inc.
  • Address: 12530 - 128 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5L 1C8
  • Contact: 1-877-734-8691
  • Website:

NOTICE: All Manufacturer product warranties, and information detailed within this section are the sole © copyright / ™ trademark of each company and their products.


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