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W.R. Meadows - Mel Rol® LM Product Info

W.R. Meadows - Mel Rol® LM - Liquid Rubber Waterproofing

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Learn more about: W.R. Meadows - Mel Rol® LM Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Membrane used by Basement Technologies. Information and logos provided within this section are subject to copyright/trademark of said companies.

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W.R. Meadows Warranty

W.R. Meadows
Mel Rol® LM - Liquid Rubber Membrane


  • Single-component
  • Polymer-modifies
  • Cold-applied
  • Water-based
  • Liquid waterproofing membrane
  • Designed for below-grade
  • Ideal for horizontal & vertical seamless waterproofing applications
  • Heavy bodied
  • High solids
  • Quick drying liquid membrane
Mel Rol LM Liquid Rubber


  • Waterproof – very low vapor permeability (perm rating).
  • Superior elongation – bridges minor cracks; will not become brittle with age.
  • Fully bonded – water will not run beneath the membrane.
  • High solids, single-component, fast drying formulation – easy to apply; low cost application equipment; eliminates two-component mixing problems.
  • Cold-applied/water-based – will not adversely affect insulated forms (ICFs) or various protection board options. Allows for application to damp or “green concrete.”
  • VOC content is 0.0 g/L. Produces no harmful odors.
  • Easy application – no heating necessary. Eliminates fire hazards associated with heating kettles. Apply with roller or airless sprayer.

"W.R. MEADOWS, INC. warrants at the time and place we make shipment, our material will be of good quality and will conform with our published specifications in force on the date of acceptance of the order" [Click link below for more info.]

Please download the W.R. Meadows, Inc. MSDS SHEET PDF document provided by W.R. Meadows®.

W.R. Meadows, Inc. - Company Info

  • Company: W.R. Meadows of Canada
  • Address: 70 Hannant Court, Milton, ON L9T 5C1
  • Contact: 1-905-878-4122
  • Website:

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