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Browse through our extensive crack repair galleries. Carbon Fibre crack injection and repair images showing: carbon fibre staples, epoxy crack injection resin, thixopaste crack repair, t-ports, and other materials utilized for carbon fibre crack repair systems.

Image Gallery - Carbon Fibre Crack Repairs:
The addition of Carbon Fibre Staples to structural cracks in your foundation is the first-rate method of repairing your home's foundation. Cracks located at the base of your windows pose a threat to the structurual integrity. BT highly recommends solidifying your foundation by installing Carbon Fibre Staples along with our Epoxy Crack Injection.

Image Gallery - Ugly Cracked Foundations:


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I literally had every waterproofing company around to my house. Danny was the only one to take the time to properly explain things. Excellent crew. The guys were so nice.

RATING 10/10 ~ Ms. Niklas (Burlington, ON)

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